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NICE inContact’s solutions for outbound call centres help you keep costs in line with revenue opportunities, quickly kick start sales and fundraising campaigns and track outcomes with reports. Increase your agents’ productivity with predictive dialer technology and comply with government regulations through intelligent call suppression.
Increase Revenue
Increase outbound call centre revenues
Eliminate "the pause"
Eliminate the awkward delay when agents greet customers
Boost Productivity
Boost agent productivity with predictive dialing
Be Compliant
Comply with government regulations
Lower Costs
Keep costs in line with revenue opportunities
Gain Flexibility
Easily add agents to the system whether office based or virtual
Track performance and KPIs with reports
Track sales campaign performance with Reporting and Analytics. Outbound contact centres can quickly assess if they’re meeting their goals with ad-hoc reporting, real-time dashboards and drill-down analytics. Raw data can be exported for further analysis in Microsoft Excel or other reporting tools.
Customers never silently wait for an agent to start the call
Connect agents BEFORE the customer answers with Personal Connection, our patented technology that eliminates the telltale pause and delayed hello from legacy predictive dialers. Calls will start more naturally and agents will have more productive conversations which translate into higher revenues. Outbound contact centres can also easily comply with government regulations as our Do Not Call List Management and Intelligent Call Suppression disposition records found in the suppression database. Our outbound dialer also supports all types of dialing methods, such as predictive, preview (timed and untimed) and progressive.
Easily add agents to the system no matter where they live
With NICE inContact CXone, it’s easy to add more agents to your system regardless of where they live. Because our system operates in the cloud, your agents can work from home or halfway around the world and quickly connect to our system with just a web browser and login credentials. There’s no need for special hardware, and you only pay for the services you use each month.
Call blending for outbound contact centres
Our dynamic Blended Predictive Dialer easily handles fluctuating call volumes by automatically switching outbound agents to inbound queues when volumes spike and back to outbound when service levels are met. Our priority-based blending also allows for a true inbound and outbound blending environment where agents are served interactions based on priority of the contact and their assigned skills
What Our Customers Say
"CXone Personal Connection has revolutionised how we do business.
Our lead conversion increased by 116%, which is almost unheard of, and it’s all done through the CXone platform."


Jan van Dalen
Director of Information Technology


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