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Flipping the Script on Handling Complex Customer Issues in the Contact Center

Flipping the Script on Handling Complex Customer Issues in the Contact Center

Agents are (and will be) needed to handle more escalated, complex issues—those issues that cannot be easily resolved by the customer on their own through AI assistance. Intelligent escalation from a bot or IVR service to a live agent has implications for how we think about agent hiring, training, workforce management, and much more.
211 LA County Preparing Your Contact Center for the Unexpected

Preparing Your Contact Center for the Unexpected

NICE inContact has sought the guidance of our customers that are succeeding in call center excellence from Amy Latzer, Chief Operating Officer of 211 LA, Los Angeles County’s Health & Human Services Organization which provides citizens access to social services.
Great customer experience during the holidays is a great stress test for contact centers

How did you perform during your recent customer experience ‘stress test’?

Most, if not all businesses are wrapping up an informal ‘stress test’ on their customer service operations that could have a big impact on their business for the coming year and beyond. The holiday rush not only drives big business for retail, distribution and travel/hospitality – but also a surge in customer service opportunities.
Digital First Omnichannel

7 Steps to Deliver Digital-first Omnichannel Experiences

The research is clear, younger consumers have a high preference for interacting with companies using digital channels. In fact, 90% of Generation Z and 84% of Millennials state this as their preference. The result is that the call center is quickly become a contact center and your call center software and operations needs to adapt as well.
Customer uses chat, text and social media to reach customer support

The 2020 Guide for CX Goal Getters

2020 holds massive potential for planning and achieving your CX goals! Why? Because we have access to tremendous insight on what customers are looking for in service and brand experience in the coming year. We also have access to research on what sales, service, and support organizations across the globe did (and did not) do successfully in 2019.
Uncovering Cloud Options for Your Organization

Uncovering Cloud Options for Your Organization

Since 2006, cloud computing has expanded and advanced in incredible ways. While cloud computing is a staple in numerous organizations, less than half of contact centers have any form of investment in cloud technology. But, we see the rate of cloud adoption in contact centers rising every year now. Is your contact center ready to make the leap to cloud computing? Here are a few considerations to make as you prepare for the transition.
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