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Ensure digital and voice interactions are routed to qualified agents using sophisticated automatic contact distribution (ACD)

CXone Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) is a skills-based omnichannel routing engine that intelligently routes digital and voice interactions to the right agents. Our automated call distribution software provides a universal queue for 30+ channels, self-service artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot and voice portal, consolidated omnichannel agent desktop with customer context, and drag-and-drop studio for designing contact flows.
Increase customer satisfacion with personalised digital and voice interactions
Empower agents to engage in smart digital conversations with customers

Optimise best agent match based on skills and AI-powered behavioural profiles

Increase productivity by automating routine contacts with AI bots and IVR
Accelerate changes to digital, voice and AI routing flows in minutes, not weeks

Automatic Call Distribution Features

Personalise customer experience
CXone Omnichannel Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) ensures that customer records are available for data-driven routing and to personalise interactions throughout the customer journey.
  • Collect customer data with an integrated chat bot and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a Voice Portal with Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Easily pass data between bot or IVR and ACD
  • Advanced computer telephony integration (CTI) and CRM integrations provides agents with customer data to personalise interactions


Empower agents to delight customers
My Agent eXperience - MAX is a consolidated, context-sensitive agent interface designed for the streamlined handling of digital and voice interactions.
  • Handle digital and voice interactions in one consolidated interface
  • Consolidate customer data, sentiment and interaction history to personalise contact handling
  • Increase agent productivity by routing multiple digital contacts to an agent for concurrent handling
  • Enable agents to better self-manage based on real-time queue information
Connect customers to the right agent
The CXone intelligent routing engine matches customer requests based on skills, natural language analytics, and AI-powered behavioural profiles. It consolidates routing across inbound and outbound, digital and voice, agent assisted and self-service channels. The ACD ensures every interaction is routed to the best available agent in the least amount of time.
  • Use customer data and sentiment, as well as predictive behavioural routing for advanced skills-based and data-directed omnichannel routing.
  • Universal queue for inbound and outbound voice, callback, voicemail, email, chat, text/SMS, social media and Work Items.
  • Implement channels such as cases, paper mail or even fax if needed


Empower business users with skills-based routing
Business users do not need programming skills to adjust routing flows. Predefined actions in the intuitive Studio workflow design tool streamline building and updating routing flows. Business users can easily override routing strategies with a mouse click when emergencies or other unexpected situations occur. Integrated Workforce Intelligence allows creating rules that automatically trigger corrective action when configurable thresholds such as Service Level or Average Wait Time are broken.
  • Simplify creating routing flows with pre-defined components and a drag-and-drop interface for all channels
  • Put your contact centre on “auto-pilot” using business rules based on real-time ACD and workforce optimisation (WFO) statistics
  • Activate alternate routing flows with just a mouse-click
What our Customers Say

"With CXone skills-based routing, we increased our first-call resolution (FCR) from 74.4% to 80.83% in just one year!"

Lauren Crooks 
Client Experience Supervisor 
NextGear Capital 


Nextgear Capital testimonial
What is an Automatic Call Distributor?
An Automatic Call Distributor, also called automatic call distribution or ACD, is a software that allows contact centres to distribute inbound calls, emails, SMS, and social media messages to agents based on customer need and agent skill set. Instead of simply sending inbound requests to an available agent, ACD systems categorise calls and messages and then automatically check the system to see which available agent has the most relevant skills and experience to help the customer.
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