Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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Traditionally, computer telephony integration (CTI) has been very costly for contact centres to implement on premises-based systems. Today, the cloud enables seamless integration between inContact Cloud Contact Centre and CRMs like Salesforce and Oracle.

Screen Pops
Screen pops so agents don't need to transition between screens for customer information
Agents Know
Agents know who is calling before answering the phone
Automatic Caller
Automatic caller authentication
Unified dashboard
More Efficient
More efficient call routing
Increase First Call
Increase first call resolution (FCR)
What is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?
CTI is an technology that allows computers to interact with other channels of communication like phones, live chat, SMS, Social Media, etc. For contact centres, CTI enables to connection of these communications with customer information stored in CRM platforms.
Pre-Call Authentication

Before even picking up the phone, agents are presented with caller information and authentication.

Lower Average Handle Time & Higher FCR

Computer telephony integration allows agents to find information quicker, which results in lower average handle times and higher first call resolution rates.

Unified Desktop Experience

With CTI, inContact allows agents to get all of the information they need about the customer on one screen. No more toggling between screens trying to connect current and historical customer data.

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