Unexpected Lessons from the 2020 Contact Center

VIEW Dec 15, 2020
Customer Think - About a year ago, I tried something that we would all agree now was a bit foolish: predict what the 2020 contact center would look like. Before the COVID-19 pandemic sent agents home on a massive scale, before economic disruption reinforced the need for consistent, digitally enabled customer experiences (CX), I outlined several ongoing trends and how they would shape the future of contact centers in the first year of the new decade. Needless to say, those predictions were made under rosier conditions.

The Role IT Will Play in the 2021 Contact Center

VIEW Dec 14, 2020
No Jitter - If there was ever a year for chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) to make their mark on an organization, it was 2020. In the far-off future, contact center leaders will look back on this period as the ultimate case study in digital employee workspace and digital customer interactions.

Stimulate Small Business Growth with Proactive Customer Service

VIEW Dec 9, 2020
Business 2 Community - There are many ingredients a small business can use to create consistent, sustainable growth. One underappreciated element is customer service. The relationship between customer service and business growth may seem unclear at first, but the most successful small business leaders know that effective service directly influences revenue and profits.

CXone Manages a Record Number of Digital Interactions as Online Sales Spike on Cyber Monday

VIEW Dec 9, 2020
SALT LAKE CITY, December 9, 2020 – NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that NICE inContact CXone, a global leading cloud customer experience platform, saw digital interactions surge on Cyber Monday, one of the highest volume online shopping days on the calendar. On Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020, digital interactions powered by CXone significantly surpassed their 2019 numbers with over 70 percent growth in messaging and chat in the days leading to Cyber Monday.


The Role Of Cloud Contact Centres In Covid-19 Recovery

VIEW Dec 8, 2020
Contact-Centres.com - While many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are used to fighting for survival, recent events have increased the threats they are facing and put any deficiencies firmly in the spotlight. In some cases, SMBs have been disproportionally impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, prompting many to re-invent how they do business in order to keep pace with competitors.

COVID 19 Cemented Not Started Our Digital CX Transformation

VIEW Dec 7, 2020
Customer Think - The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way consumers interact with the world. From how they shop to how they consume entertainment, people are spending more time online than ever before. While the use of digital channels has certainly been accelerated due to the public health crisis, the trend did not begin overnight. Consumer surveys, pre-COVID-19, had already detected a dramatic shift to digital service.

Why Contact Centres Must Embrace the Digital Revolution

VIEW Nov 26, 2020
Comms Business - A lot has changed for contact centres in 2020. The significant disruption and social distancing measures brought about by Covid-19 have accelerated several key trends, forcing contact centres to adapt their strategies in order to stay competitive and ensure business continuity.

4 CX Takeaways From 2020

VIEW Nov 24, 2020
The Modern Customer - It’s not the COVID-19 pandemic, though that has certainly played a large role. According to NICE inContact CEO Paul Jarman, the biggest change has been the democratization of opinion. Customers have more of a voice than ever before, which has forced companies to focus on experience. Brands learned that they have to provide an experience that individuals are excited about and will share with family and friends in order to gain customers. As Jarman says, the push towards customer experience has given more power to consumers in voice and choice.

Three Trends in Customer Care Borne of this Year's Disruption

VIEW Nov 16, 2020
ICMI - In this year’s NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark study, we didn’t just see higher investment levels in four key areas of CX – websites, new channels, new and improved contact center technology and seamless communication – but an overall shift to a deeply integrated and digital-first experience. Contact centers aren’t just performing triage amid a crisis – they’re doubling down on growth and innovation.