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Government Communication Channels for Citizens


Now more than ever, citizens expect to be able to contact governments during both business and non-business hours. This may have been previously been a challenge for government institutions — but things just got a whole lot easier thanks to cloud contact center technologies.

In our latest white paper, we reveal solutions for government agencies trying to better connect with citizens such as public sector pain points, security solutions and implementation and system management.


CX in the Cloud: Building for the Future (Webinar)

CX Grand Slam Webinar Series: Webinar 4 of 4 Call the plays you need, when you need them with a unified cloud platform from NICE. Hear from other IT and operations leaders on the ease and flexibility of an open, extensible and scalable platform.


Building Continuous CX Improvements in your Contact Center

CX Grand Slam Webinar Series: Webinar 2 of 4 Start the transformation to superior customer experience using a maturity model and a well-defined playbook. Hear from NICE CXone customers who have honed their CX swing to drive home big financial benefits.

White Papers

INFOGRAPHIC: ContactBabel - Guide to the Omnichannel Contact Center

ContactBabel’s Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel explores the challenges and opportunities of offering more contact channels while maintaining the human connection. See compelling industry statistics and feedback from current cloud contact centers.