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Contact centers everywhere face a central question: Why digital, why now? Customers expect a variety of digital channels. The latest in CXone technology solutions are transforming the customer and agent experience to power true digital-first omnichannel. With this approach, contact centers can remove traditional barriers, gain real advantages and start having smart digital conversations with customers and empowered agents! 


Contact Center KPI Benchmarking: Navigating Growth Using KPI Benchmarks

Benchmarks can uncover new opportunities for reducing costs, streamlining processes, increasing profits and improving customer experience. But only if they’re the right benchmarks for that contact center. The same is true for KPIs, when determining what key metrics are needed to create those benchmarks. This webinar provides contact centers with the strategic tools they need to help close performance gaps and get KPI benchmarking right.

Customer Stories

Bridgevine Sees Impressive Metrics, Cost Savings with CXone

Florida-based Bridgevine definitely had a disconnect. Although it had built an impressive portfolio of client brands, its contact centers were operating on an outdated platform, which lacked visibility, functionality and the ability to support a disaster recovery plan. But since its move to NICE, the company has unified its contact centers on the CXone cloud CX platform—a change that continues to drive revenue and customer satisfaction up while driving costs down.

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Cheat sheet for building the best chatbot