Are Your Customers as Satisfied as You Think They Are

We live in an omnichannel customer service world now. Emerging technologies and changing consumer demands fundamentally have shifted the way businesses interact with their customers. But the evolution isn't complete yet, and it probably never will be.

This is the nature of life in the digital age. Businesses still are working out the kinks with some of the newer capabilities, and some consumers just aren't ready to embrace these yet.

This dynamic has created a scenario in which organizations have to offer many more service channels than in the past in order to address the wide spectrum of preferences and capabilities of their customer base. It’s added a great deal of complexities to the service process as well as to organizations’ relationships with their customers.

With so many touchpoints in play, it’s more important than ever for contact center leaders to have their fingers on the pulse of their customers, and then align their own performance with what customers actually experience. Measuring satisfaction levels with specific channels is one input to this process.

In our newly released business wave of the 2019 NICE CXone Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark, we asked more than 900 contact center leaders how satisfied their own customers are with channel-specific experiences — across both agent-assisted and self-service methods of communication.

In our latest report, we compare what businesses think with the actual responses of more than 2,400 consumers who were asked in 2018 about their own, real-world customer service experiences.

There were some rather sizable gaps:

  • Businesses underestimated satisfaction with the phone channel by a statistically significant 8 points.
  • Conversely, businesses overestimated satisfaction with online assistants/chatbots and IVR by 9 and 7 points, respectively.

Seems there is an opportunity to better understand consumer attitudes about service channels!

These are just a few examples of the thought-provoking statistics contained in our latest benchmark study. We've made our report available to you as a free download.

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