3 key benefits of FULL Contact Center Analytics

Have you wondered if contact center analytics could “really” work to help you create a seamless customer experience? Using random customer interactions to analyze customer experience or agent performance, hinders the ability to target strategic improvement initiatives. Seeing all interactions reveals the big picture of what is really happening in your contact center. This is where CXone Interaction Analytics Pro helps you see the “forest” of possibility.

CXone Interaction Analytics Pro helps you evaluate all interactions based on topic and outcome. Trends and insights are easily discovered through the full customer journey. Easily being the key term, because the best part is the ability to uncover trends without needing an army of experts to analyze your data.

Here are 3 key benefits that automatically analyzing all interactions can provide to your customer experience:

  • Target the best opportunities for improvement across all channels. With the right interaction analytics solution, you can categorize 100% of your contacts based on discussion topics and expressed sentiments to uncover where issues are occurring.

  • Improve retention rates through emotion detection. Emotion detection analyzes things like customer frustration using AI and natural language capabilities. This lets you get to the root cause of a customer’s mindset helping you determine the probability they remain loyal and arms you with knowledge and insights to build a successful retention strategy. With this information, you can resolve customer frustrations and begin to impact things like CSAT and NPS.

  • Train more effectively. Design targeted training for an individual agent’s needs based on their interactions (positive and negative behaviors) with customers.   

Watch this webinar for a unique look at how Expivia uses NICE CXone Interaction Analytics Pro to transform their business. You’ll hear from Tom Laird, CEO of Expivia, veteran presenter, and host of the Advice from a Call Center Geek podcast, as he shares the unique ways his BPO business made processes for quality management, fraud protection, and legal cases easier to identify, manage, and solve.