Escalations to Supervisors Accelerates Resolutions, but Not Always to Customer Likin

SALT LAKE CITY – October 5, 2016 – inContact, Inc. the leading provider of cloud contact center software and agent optimization tools, today announced the findings from a July 2016 survey of customer service representatives (CSRs). The study, conducted online by Qualtrics on behalf of inContact, surveyed 500 customer service representatives in July 2016 and examined their motivations and challenges.

"We set out to gain a better understanding of the work environment faced by most customer service representatives. Customer service has quickly become a key differentiator for companies fighting for the consumer’s favor, and CSRs are crucial players on the frontline,” noted Paul Jarman, CEO inContact. “This research offers valuable insights for not just those who employ these representatives about their workplace and environment, but to all consumers on how to make the most out of their customer service interactions.”
Primary Motivation is Helping the Customer – Primary Challenge is the Customer
The surveyed CSRs were asked to rank their top motivations including: flexible work schedule, teamwork and camaraderie, financial compensation, career opportunities and helping customers. The vast majority of the CSRs selected “helping customers” and “solving customer issues” as their primary motivators. Interestingly, the majority (68%) of CSRs identified “Angry or Rude Customers” as the biggest challenge. When asked to determine how time they spent with upset customers, the majority of CSRs spent less than an hour during their day. However, these small increments of time had the largest impact.
Speaking to a Supervisor Improves Resolution – Not Always as Customer Intended
Conflicts over company policies, order problems and other issues will inevitably occur, despite a company’s best efforts to minimize them. In such scenarios, an upset customer will often request to speak to a supervisor when they are not receiving the desired outcome from their CSR. According to the research, speaking to a supervisor will help to move the issue forward towards a resolution. However, in 92% of these interactions the supervisor supports the CSR, meaning the customer often does not receive the outcome they hoped for. Additionally, the rate of supervisor support indicates that CSR handle these issues in accordance with company policy.
“The research shows CSRs spending a large majority of their time helping customers with either Technical Support or Purchase Assistance. Furthermore, this majority is evenly split between the two categories meaning that CSRs are spending approximately half of their time on customer service – in the most genuine sense – and not generating commission for themselves or revenue for their employer. They are truly helping customers solve their issues with no ulterior motives,” Jarman continued. “Customer Service Representatives are the key to a positive customer experience and need the consumer’s support so that they can better support the consumer.”
The research shows the majority of CSRs are there to support their customers and derive genuine satisfaction from providing assistance. The research also indicates a significant amount of emotional and mental strain is placed on CSRs by the very customers they are there to help. Visit the inContact Blog for insights and tips on ways for consumers to get the most out of their interactions with customer service representatives.
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