The contact centre of the future


Over the past 18 months the contact centre has transformed at a faster rate than ever before, and this transformation is not going to stop any time soon!

So where are we heading, and what can we expect the contact centre to look like in ten years’ time?

We assembled a panel of experts to help answer this question, and in turn help you plan ahead and make better decisions for your contact centre and your customers.

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Revolutionise your contact centre with these AI best practices

Ready to transform your contact centre with game-changing AI? The exerts at Aberdeen are here to help. Use the tips and best practices in their latest eBook to increase CSAT, achiever faster resolution, and improve employee engagement at your contact centre—all thanks to AI.

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Solving for the human-side of AI in the contact centre

AI technology allows your contact centre to handle more calls with fewer resources, freeing up your agents to address customer issues that only a human can solve. Human engagement is the one unique and critical element of the contact centre, so you need to be sure you’re expertly blending agents and AI. Aberdeen’s eBook, Solving for the Human Side of AI, can show you how. Download the eBook to reveal: • How to reshape the role of agents • Tips for recruiting in the age of AI • The overall impact of AI on the contact centre Get your copy today to find out how to strike the right balance between man and machine in your contact centre.

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Contact Centre AI as Explained by Pop Culture

Most of the time AI is as comprehensible as R2D2’s, “Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boops.” Can anyone explain AI and how it works—like really? But what if learning Contact Centre AI were as engaging as “Blade Runner”? If understanding how it works could be less painless than how its portrayed in “2001: A Space Odyssey”? And, what if understanding AI could make you feel as empowered as the Terminator? It can. Download the eBook to learn how AI works through pop culture and movie examples of AI. Just like in The Terminator, “Come with me if you want to learn:” What is AI—and what isn’t it? What can AI do? Learn how AI makes computers talk conversationally, understand and learn Get a grasp on concepts like machine learning and natural language processing Learn what the movies get right (and wrong) about Contact Centre AI Plus, see if you can identify all the iconic references! Download the eBook now! Popcorn not included.