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NICE Voice-as-a-Service (VaaS) Video Overview


NICE CXone Voice as a Service (VaaS) is a contact center connectivity suite delivering quality optimized cloud voice and data services that enable quality connections between agents and customers, while allowing organizations to save money through a low latency, optimized, least-cost routing mix on a global scale. Customers can access global, carrier-grade, cloud-integrated voice services in more than 130 countries with confidence, backed by a guaranteed money-back SLA based on Mean Opinion Score, all designed to save contact center operators money by employing lowest cost call routing and enhanced failover capabilities to drive a superior customer experience. 


5 Steps To Minimize Contact Center Costs in Growth Firms

Cost to serve remains as a key goal for Contact Center Executives. While there are many ways to cut costs it is important to balance it with Customer Experience. Also, not all options will work the best for you. It depends on the business cycle you are in. Learn about your options to cut contact center costs if you are in growth model.


Improving Your Agent Experience, One Step at a Time

Research reveals there is a foundational relationship between agent experience and good customer experience. The more a contact center can engage and motivate agents – the less attrition it will experience, which positively affects customers and the organization. This webinar takes leaders through the process of building agent experience maturity, one step at a time. 

Demo Videos

Simplify Workforce management

Simplify everything from forecasting to scheduling without juggling spreadsheets or multiple applications.