Customer Stories

Expivia Interactive Marketing builds portfolio of clients with CXone


In a matter of just a few years, start-up BPO Expivia Interactive Marketing Group has scaled from four to more than 500 agents, building an impressive portfolio of clients along the way. How did a startup company do it? Expivia’s CEO credits NICE and its unified CXone cloud contact center CX platform and innovative solutions with helping him build his company with the ability to differentiate from competitors and offer clients outstanding CX at a reasonable cost.

Customer Stories Consolidates Care Operations on CXone Platform

Because member and provider care operations for resided with an outsourced contact center, the company didn’t really know what was happening with the calls.  But once it consolidated everything on NICE CXone cloud CX platform, the company’s been in control and enjoys transparency and visibility into its metrics.  As a result, call handle time and costs are down, and quality scores are rising steadily!

Customer Stories

Millennial Specialty Insurance Offers Standout CX with CXone

CXone’s ease of use, scalability and flexibility have enabled Millennial Specialty Insurance to easily manage huge seasonal peaks, improve performance metrics and consistently score 95 percent in customer satisfaction. Using CXone data to better understand customers and their needs enables the company to provide even more value, including new products. 


Contact Center KPI Benchmarking: Navigating Growth Using KPI Benchmarks

Benchmarks can uncover new opportunities for reducing costs, streamlining processes, increasing profits and improving customer experience. But only if they’re the right benchmarks for that contact center. The same is true for KPIs, when determining what key metrics are needed to create those benchmarks. This webinar provides contact centers with the strategic tools they need to help close performance gaps and get KPI benchmarking right.