Enhancing Contact Center Customer Engagement – Trends for 2019 and Beyond


As 2018 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to learn about customer experience and customer engagement trends for 2019 and beyond. During this roundtable webinar hosted by CRMXchange, listen as contact center experts share solutions that will allow customers expanded capabilities to resolve issues before speaking with an agent and how that can add to creating a seamless, loyalty-driving experience for the customer. Hear tips on how to prepare for and launch advanced chat BOT and automation in your contact center. 

White Papers

NICE CXone CX Transformation Benchmark - Study 2018 (PDF)

The results are in! Our 2018 CX Transformation Benchmark surveyed 2,400 consumers across the UK, US and Australia about their most recent customer service experiences, including 11 different channels, both agent-assisted and self-service — over 4,600 total interactions. What did we find out? Consumers expect more and they’re ready to buy more from companies that deliver a great experience every time.

White Papers

The Contact Center Customer Experience Economy (PDF)

We are entering an experience economy where customers are looking not just for the right service at the right time but one that is immersive, engaging and proactive. Learn more on how Contact centers are the epicenter of customer experience and can drive exceptional CX.

White Papers

Cloud Contact Center: Customer Centricity (PDF)

This report illustrates the top factors driving companies to invest in a cloud-based infrastructure, and the results associated with this strategy. Don’t miss the three sets of vital capabilities that help organizations maximize returns from investments in cloud technology.