Customer Stories

ECSI delivers big results for higher education

Student loan servicer ECSI provides support to colleges and universities as well as students and families as they navigate sometimes-complicated financial issues. ECSI’s approach has to be agile, changing with the times and the expectations of its clients and the student, which means its technology platform has to be evolving and responsive too. NICE’s CXone cloud customer experience platform powers ECSI’s capabilities and enables the company to meet the evolving and expanding needs of its constituents. With access to the most modern technology available in the contact center industry, ECSI is more efficient than ever before.

Customer Stories

ECSI deploys work-from-home agents and improves call quality all at once with CXone

ECSI reveals how they resolved technology issues quickly allowing them to move 140 people home in less than 48 hours – and improved call quality at the same time. 

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In working with college and university clients and their students, ECSI saw the writing on the wall: Students didn’t like making phone calls. They wanted a different channel, one that was faster and easier. CXone Advanced Chat has made the grade: Client/student satisfaction is up, productivity has soared and costs continue to fall.   


Chat Boosts Contact Center KPIs

Most consumers today prefer chat. See how one customer uses chat to boost Contact Center KPIs.