Zebra Technologies Expands Global Customer Service With NICE

Zebra-brand printers are used by more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies, which means Zebra Customer Support has an important role in delivering amazing customer experiences.

Zebra Technology manufactures and sells computer printing technologies for a variety of sectors, all over the world. They service over 52 different countries and 17 different languages. When they purchased a significant entity, they needed a solution that would unify their contact centers into one platform.

 “We selected NICE because we had a global vision to be cloud-based, we wanted scalability and flexibility. We wanted a unified solution to bring together the two companies.” - Nancy Clark | Sr. Call Center Architect, Zebra Technologies

The Road to Go-Live

Every business unit had slightly different hours of operation and requirements for support. The process of managing those schedules, languages, and agent skills was extremely complex.  Zebra has over 600 different skills that route customers into the appropriate technical team as well as the language that customer needed, and the priority of their inquiry.

“I love designing NICE email, scripting, and other solutions for our teams. That's worked very successfully in reducing the amount of work.” - Nancy Clark

Zebra Technologies began with the Asia Pacific region, then the European office. They finished up with Mexico, Brazil and multiple locations in North America. Within a few weeks, their international implementation was complete and Zebra was reaching their vision of global consistency.

Positive Business Outcomes

“Some of the key improvements are just observing, and engaging our agents. The supervisors have better tools than they ever had. There’s visibility now. Agent behavior has improved. They are handling more calls than they did before.” - Nancy Clark

  • Became one company with one platform and consistency around the world
  • Reduced overall costs by moving from a premise solution to a cloud-based solution
  • Created global menus – customers now have access to the same type of support
  • Reduced the amount of support telephone numbers
  • Gained visibility into the customer journey

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