NICE CXone and Toyo Tires Put CXone to the Test in Hot Air Balloon Over Canberra

NICE CXone and Toyo Tires put CXone to the Test in Hot Air Balloon over Canberra

As customer experience becomes crucial for brands to survive and the future evolves at rapid pace, NICE CXone has put its world-leading cloud-based contact centre solution, CXone, to the test with Toyo Tires (Australia & New Zealand) in a simulated contact centre experiment in a hot air balloon over Canberra, which took flight last November.

Balloon Aloft in Canberra

Toyo Tires’ Australian subsidiary office operates its contact centre in New South Wales with six people servicing tire dealers across Australia. The call centre averages around 300-400 calls per day, and the average call handle time is between 45-90 seconds. The average response time is faster than 30 seconds.

The Challenge: deliver exceptional customer experience from anywhere – including a hot air balloon

We put out a public vote to decide where to perform the challenge – in order to demonstrate that you really can work from anywhere, with CXone. The options:

1. A hot air balloon 3,000 ft over Canberra

2. A boat on the Great Barrier Reef

3. A cable car in the Blue Mountains

Contact centre and customer experience professionals across Australia and New Zealand voted on their favourite location online via the website, with the hot air balloon option taking out first place!

Julia Caruana and Heidi Chun, from the Toyo Tires (Australia & New Zealand) customer service team, joined the NICE CXone team in Canberra to carry out this exciting challenge.

The hot air balloon left the ground at 6am in Canberra with Toyo Tires contact centre agent Heidi Chun, successfully taking calls and demonstrating that a call centre can be run from anywhere, with a consistent experience, using CXone.

Customer Service Supervisor Julia Caruana, supervised from the ground, with the ability to coach, analyse, and assess Heidi’s performance and productivity remotely.

As a supervisor it is not just calls or email that I have to monitor. I am always doing things in the background such as running reports against key performance indicators and making sure communication is being responded to in a timely manner,” said Julia Caruana, Customer Service Supervisor, Toyo Tires (Australia & New Zealand).

“Throughout the hot air balloon ride, the CXone connection worked perfectly, even at 3,000 feet with the agent being able to receive and make calls. It was no different to having someone work from the office or from home, showing that CXone really can work from anywhere,” Julia explained.

Agent Receives and Makes Calls in Flight

The Solution

CXone lets organisations of any size, be it six agents or thousands, deliver outstanding customer experience from any location. With this challenge, NICE has demonstrated its ability to support organisations from literally anywhere as the workforce moves to a Work From Anywhere model following the pandemic.

“August 2020 marked 75 years since Toyo Tires was founded.; This was a time when the war was ending, but with an uncertainty not too dissimilar to today,” said Michael Rudd, CEO and Managing Director, Toyo Tires (Australia & New Zealand). “Mobility is central to the Toyo Tires brand in both our tires and in the way we do business, making participation in this challenge with NICE CXone a very relevant fit.”

With CXone, call quality is consistent, routing is right the first time, and response times are fast. In-depth analytics let organisations extract meaningful insights, all from a secure platform, for a better customer experience.

CXone Works High in the Sky

“Owing much to our Japanese roots, consistency is one of the things that makes Toyo Tires a good company and ensures good customer service,” Rudd said. “CXone has been vital to maintaining our service levels, particularly at times when remote working of our workforce was necessary. With CXone the quality of service delivered by Toyo Tires was still the same even though we were not sitting in an office.”

CXone’s cloud platform can be up and running quickly, empowering agents to be there for customers across any channel, without compromising on quality. It’s the cloud solution that will future-proof contact centres in 2020 and beyond.

To view the footage from the hot air balloon challenge visit us here