CXone Is Right on the Money for Check Into Cash Collections Team

Check Into Cash had both good news and bad news. The good news: The company’s main contact center had been successfully using CXone for five years.

The bad news: The Check Into Cash retail collections team — 50 agents who collect past-due payments — were still using a legacy Genesys PBX dialer that had serious shortcomings, including no visibility into performance metrics and limited customization.

With 800+ stores across the U.S., this one-stop money shop is a mainstay for consumers who need short-term credit solutions, including payday loans, walk-in bill pay, and title loans. Nearly 200 agents make 30,000 outbound calls each day.

But consistency across the board in functionality, quality management, and service were an issue because the collections team’s PBX dialer offered no reporting or visibility into contact center agent's performance.

Switching the team to NICE CXone cloud call center software changed all this, however. Because Check Into Cash collections finally had the insight it needed into agents’ performance, specific areas that needed improvement could be identified and addressed. New opportunities for coaching emerged, and call quality and conversion rates rose.

CXone has had a variety of positive impacts on the Check Into Cash collections team — not the least of which has been the tools and insights to raise the bar on the experience the team provides to stakeholder groups. “CXone has really helped us shine a light on how we can provide a better customer, employee, and business experience,” says Amber Cannon, Contact Center Support Manager.

CXone’s ease of use has been a huge boost to the agents themselves. They quickly learned new ways of doing business and to trust that the new call center software would improve their jobs. It did — so much so, in fact, that agents were encouraging each other to adopt CXone!

And with accurate call metrics for the first time, agents could re-shape their jobs by improving call disposition and reducing the amount of after-call work. Supervisor monitoring and feedback became more meaningful and more timely.

Most importantly, CXone helps Check Into Cash see exactly what’s working and adjust accordingly. CXone lets Check Into Cash use agent disposition codes to measure “right-party connects” — the single most important metric tracked — to determine which dialer campaigns are most effective and which customer segments have the highest conversion rates.