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If your organization needs to proactively contact many people, then you may need an outbound call center. Examples of companies using outbound call centers include doctors’ offices which remind patients of upcoming appointments; travel agencies that alert travelers of changing travel conditions; or companies who prospect for customers.

Today, outbound call centers have evolved into modern contact centers. Older outbound call centers were expensive to operate because they required costly hardware and software that would become quickly outdated.

Fortunately, with the advent of fast and reliable Internet, powerful hardware, and cloud computing, outbound contact centers are now much more affordable. Today, outbound contact centers can be delivered as a service. This means no costly upfront purchases and no obsolescence.

If you need to modernize an outdated outbound call center, consider the following:

  • Examine the breadth and depth of all outbound contact center applications
  • Look for an “all-in-one” outbound call center solution where applications are built, integrated and supported by a single provider
  • Use trusted, independent sources to verify a provider’s leadership and ability to deliver
How NICE inContact Can Help
Because the purpose of an outbound call center is to provide an efficient and effective means of reaching customers, it requires specialized software, including the following:
Interaction Channels
For many people a landline, or cellular, telephone is no longer their preferred means of communication. Therefore, an outbound call center must support other modern communications channels such as webchat, texting, and even social media.
Having agents initiate many calls can be time consuming and inefficient because so many calls go unanswered. Therefore, a special “dialer” can be used to dial multiple numbers and only connect a live agent when a call is answered. In addition, a special dialer can also manage contact lists and help organizations comply with TCPA regulations.
Performance Management
Many outbound call centers are used for sales, and managers need a way to measure team performance. Performance management reporting keeps managers informed and can even be used with gamification to create constructive competition between individuals and teams.
Workforce Management
Outbound call center performance can suffer when staffing is not matched to workload. Workforce management software helps managers forecast workload, build optimized staffing schedules, and even provide labor utilization reports.
Quality Management
If outbound call center staff are not properly trained, then the goals will not be met. Quality management gives managers tools to assess skill gaps and the ability to deliver needed training and coaching.
CRM Integration
For many organizations, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is a resource for marketing, sales, and customer data. Integration between your CRM and outbound contact center makes it easier to make connections with customers using their contact information, preferences, and account histories.
KPI Benchmarking
Regular KPI benchmarking is essential to improving contact center performance. Use this interactive tool to anonymously benchmark your KPIs against other contact centers like yours and see how your performance compares. If modernization improvements are needed, this tool also provides estimated savings which you can use to build an effective business case for change.
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