Keep agents on message and out of trouble
Ensure agents follow interaction engagement requirements and maintain compliance.
  • Effortlessly quantify key word/phrase usage 
  • Execute more targeted evaluation plans 
  • Easily identify and correct compliance issues 
Deliver a better and more consistent customer experience
Deliver a better and more consistent customer experience
  • Achieve your NPS, CSAT and other customer experience objectives
  • Immediately identify and address agent behavior trends 
  • Reduce negative customer experiences 
Fast-track your quality program
Faster feedback. Fewer evaluations.
  • Get better feedback 
  • Gain analytics insights 
  • Immediately identify trends
  • Reduce supervisor effort
Engage agents with fair feedback
Empower agent development and improve skill proficiency through fair and tangible feedback.
  • Gain a balanced perspective of agent performance 
  • Increase personal ownership and engagement 
  • Engage your agents, get happier customers
What is Call Center Quality Monitoring?
Quality Monitoring Software enables organizations to review and capture customer interactions and coach their team upon areas to improve. Modern Quality Management solutions focus on the agent experience and engagement to ensure they are a focal point of the quality management process. Key features should include; customizable evaluation forms, an agent self-evaluation process, evaluation processes for all channels, and the ability to review a screen recording of the agents’ desktop during their customer interaction. A complete solution will be integrated with all components of the Workforce Optimization suite such as Workforce Management, Performance Management and Customer Feedback Surveys.