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Consolidated, complete agent desktop for fast, personalized service

CXone Agent for Salesforce adds a global carrier-grade voice channel and intelligent routing engine to Salesforce digital customer interaction channels—including omnichannel elevation/combination across channels. Adding CXone intelligent routing of digital channels improves the customer experience through skills-based routing—that combines agent proficiency with customer attributes from Salesforce—to find the best customer service resource for each interaction, enabling faster resolution of customer requests, fewer transfers, and options to provide higher levels of service to premium customers. In addition, CXone Agent for Salesforce extends the Salesforce Console with embedded workforce engagement (WEM) capabilities for agent scheduling, coaching and quality management. Deploy your integration in hours and scale it as your business needs evolve.

every interaction with holistic customer view
agent efficiency with unified agent desktop that includes WEM
customers to the right agent, on the right channel, right away
decision making with unified reporting
agility with pre-built integration and native-Lightning interface 
CXone Agent for Salesforce Benefits
Personalise every Interaction
Empower agents with a 360-degree view of the customer, including insights into previous interactions, regardless of channel.
  • Synchronise interaction data and history
  • Give agents insight into the customer's journey
  • Tie back to voice call recordings
  • Save and add comments to customer records
Increase agent productivity
Consolidate agent console in familiar Salesforce UI for unified omnichannel interaction handling, customer profile and cases (CRM) and agent scheduling, coaching and performance (WEM)—reducing agent effort and interaction handling times.
  • Provide agents a unified agent desktop
  • Manage all voice and digital interactions natively in the Salesforce interface
  • Connect Salesforce digital channels to the best-suited agent using CXone skills-based routing for faster resolution
  • Empower agents to manage their schedules, coaching sessions and performance within Salesforce console
Connect customers
Ensure every call or digital contact is intelligently routed to the best available agent, based on agent skills and proficiency, plus customer profile, and support fluid elevation between channels as needed.
  • Ensure customers are routed to the most qualified agent
  • Elevate Salesforce digital channels to voice, other digital channels in one click
  • Integrate self-service, automated workflows with your CRM 
  • Leverage customer data to optimise voice and digital interaction routing
Improve decision making
Combine the wealth of customer information from both your contact centre and Salesforce system so agents can gain advanced insight into each customer journey.
  • Improve the scope, quality and accuracy of customer data through automatic synchronisation
  • Enable agents with holistic customer data so they can determine the next best action
  • Make more informed decisions across every aspect of your business
Accelerate operational agility
Deploy an integrated, Lightning-optimised solution in hours, not days or weeks, and apply newly developed functionality when it suits your schedule.
  • Quickly deploy and flexibly scale agents and functionality as needed
  • Native-Lightning interface accelerates agent training and ramp-up time
  • Eliminate costs of custom integrations
Contact Centre Packages for Salesforce
Take your Salesforce CRM to the next level. CXone Packages add global, carrier-grade voice and an intelligent routing engine to native Salesforce digital channels allowing customers to connect to the right agent using their preferred channel of choice. In addition, CXone Packages extend your Salesforce desktop agent with fully integrated quality management, workforce management, interaction analytics and customer feedback applications empowering agents to deliver the very best customer experiences.
What our customers say

"Screen pops display an incoming caller’s information from Salesforce so agents already know who they’re talking to....This saves 2-3 minutes per call."

Pauline Mulvey 
Vice President of Enterprise Business Technology 
Mitchell International