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CXone Customer Authentication
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Skip straight to service

CXone Customer Authentication is real-time voice authentication for your contact center software, letting customers skip straight to service for better experiences and shorter handle times. Voice biometrics automatically verifies customers and prevents fraud in a more streamlined, secure and reliable way that eliminates the typically time-consuming interrogation.

Significantly reduce average handle time (AHT) by automatically authenticating callers in the first few seconds of a natural conversation, for the utmost security with operational savings. Simple to implement and pre-integrated with CXone ACD and IVR, Customer Authentication features unified agent interfaces with built-in guidance for accelerated onboarding and training.

Better CX
Better CX: Your customers skip straight to service, with no hassle.
Automatically verify a caller’s voice against the voiceprint for the customer’s ID within the first few seconds of the call, through natural conversation.
Most secure
Improve the security of all interactions and transactions – or those that require single or multiple confirmations of caller identity.
Securely authenticate customers in real time – no effort required, eliminating the need for PINs, passwords, and knowledge-based questions.
Automate more
Shift more to self-service by automating interactions that previously required human interaction to verify caller identity.


Get down to business faster
Change the conversation from “Who are you?” to “How can I help you?”
  • Passive enrollment: A unique voiceprint, based on customer’s voice biometric features, is created from natural interaction with an agent.
  • Seamlessly authenticate customers during the first few seconds of a call with an agent, or even before the agent picks up the phone when using voice biometrics via IVR.
  • Reduce handle time by spending less time validating customer identity.
  • Integrated CXone MAX desktop provides agents full control of enrollment, unenrollment, and authentication processes.
  • Improve agent experience by letting them skip the repetitive questions – and focus their attention on the customer.
Let the good guys in.
Keep the bad guys out.
Fraud prevention for safer transactions
  • Expedite time-to-service for legitimate customers.
  • Enroll customers once, automatically authenticate via CXone IVR &/or Agent.
  • Passive authentication enables live call audio to be processed in real-time during agent calls and, optionally, CXone IVR calls, for comparison against an enrolled voiceprint, informing the agent within seconds whether the caller was verified or not.
Cut talk-time and expand opportunities for self-service
Operational efficiency, reduced costs.
  • Reduce costs by providing self-service for common authenticated services, such as password resets, account balances, fund transfers, and plan changes.
  • Find, view, and playback recordings for authenticated interactions by enrollment date, authentication date, and customer ID.
  • Streamline administration and maintenance efforts are centralized in the unified, all-in-one CXone platform.
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