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Guide smarter, more informed decisions with call centre reporting software

NICE inContact CXone Reporting technology guides smarter, more informed decisions with real-time and historical insights on key business metrics and trends through fully integrated reporting and data access tools. Get immediate value out-of-the-box and ready access to all of the information in your NICE inContact CXone solution.

Maximise the value of
your contact centre data


Know when action is
needed with real-time dashboards


Generate custom reports
to address your company's unique requirements


Get valuable information on
day one with pre-built reports


Send information to your external
systems for deeper analysis

Call Center Reporting Features
Take early action
Real-time dashboards provide instant, relevant information across a wide range of contact center roles.
  • Track operational and performance metrics
  • Pre-configured, real-time widgets
  • Role-tailored information
  • Create unlimited dashboards
Amplify reporting efforts
Automate and streamline the flow of NICE inContact data to your external systems for richer reporting and augment the value of your contact center data by combining with other sources.
  • Extract information to a data warehouse
  • Ensure secure, real-time data connections
  • Reporting APIs for programmatic access to data
Quick & easy access to information
Pre-built reports provide instant value, and it’s easy to create custom reports if needed. Securely share information with the people who need it.
  • Core reporting requirements out of the box
  • Point and click custom report creation
  • Multiple distribution options
  • Role-based access controls
What is Call Center Software?
Call Center Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting.
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