Comprehensive Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Surveys

CXone Feedback Management
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Quantify your Customer Experience and Drive Action

NICE inContact CXone Feedback Management is a contact center customer satisfaction survey product that collects unbiased feedback and delivers immediate comprehensive voice of the customer insights across all channel interactions. Improve your customer experience and employee engagement with an intuitive interface and customizable views enabling agents and supervisors to identify opportunities to self-coach and improve. Simple interactive dashboards allow quick and easy analysis of survey results. Don’t just view survey results – empower leaders to effortlessly see inside the minds of customers to better understand their expectations, perceptions, and needs. Expand beyond the contact center to drive action across departments for optimal business performance.

Unlock valuable customer data
Expand beyond the contact center to fit the full lifecycle of the customer journey
Empower agents to self-coach
Recognize and reward agents with ease
Share valuable data across the organization
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NICE inContact CXone Feedback Management is a contact center customer satisfaction survey product that collects unbiased feedback and delivers immediate comprehensive voice of the customer insights across all channel interactions.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Features
Understand customer expectations
Receive timely, actionable feedback, directly from the customer, immediately following the interaction.
  • Gather unbiased customer insights
  • Immediate feedback
  • Retain "whole picture" context
  • Deliver surveys via voice, web, or email


Socialize customer feedback
Analyze data through flexible dashboards and adjust survey questions based on actual customer insight.
  • Target right survey questions
  • Flexible dashboards & reports
  • Simple, customizable survey design tools


Improve the agent performance
Coach agents on areas of improvement and empower them to self-correct behaviors based on direct feedback from the customers they serve.
  • Eliminate misinterpretation
  • Funnel feedback straight from customer to agent
  • Proactively identify patterns in behavior
  • Reduce agent training costs


What our Customers Say
"We use CXone survey results to understand customers’ perceptions and experiences....We use these answers to improve our products, processes, and enhance the customer journey."

Bruce Gilbert
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What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?
Customer Satisfaction Surveys enables organizations to send customers surveys after an interaction with an employee. Contact Centers use this technology to obtain direct feedback from their customers; providing opportunities to improve the customer experience. This software should also provide reporting that comprises the results of the completed survey and the response rate information. Modern survey solutions should be part of Quality Management solution to ensure the feedback loop is complete – enhancing the coaching processes to improve agent performance and the customer experience.