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NICE CXone Workforce Engagement (WEM) helps your team excel


Turn Your Team into a High Performance Engine

Your agents are your greatest asset when it comes to customer satisfaction. Create an optimal environment for your team and the value spills over to your customer experience. 

CXone Workforce Engagement (WEM) gives you a simple, yet powerful set of tools to drive efficiency in your contact center, regardless of size.  From interaction recording to workforce management and quality management, NICE offers a full portfolio of WEM products that will transform your contact center performance from good to great.


Unlock your team’s potential

NICE CXone Workforce Engagement (WEM) unlocks your team’s potential by providing tools to inspire employee self-improvement, amplify quality to enhance customer experience, reduce labour waste, and ensure regulatory compliance. Patented technology powers the industry’s most intelligent forecasting, fosters employee ownership and accountability, and gives agents one experience across a cloud platform. As a natively developed suite, CXone WEM unifies workforce management, quality management, performance management and recording to deliver a better experience for agents, supervisors, and customers. With reduced effort and increased flexibility, you can achieve an optimal balance between operational efficiency and a superior customer service.

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Call center performance management - CXone Performance Management dashboards

CXone Performance Management (PM) creates a culture of high performance, visibility, and engagement with industry-leading performance management. As part of a comprehensive performance management solution or as a standalone component, Wallboards enable companies to broadcast live updates on TV screens and monitors. Discover how CXone PM's Wallboards can be your silent business partner below.