The assimilation of sales, service and marketing (Sheila McGee-Smith)

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In the digital age, with more and more retail and commerce moving from brick and mortar to the Internet, the role of marketing has shifted. Driven by the indisputable rise of smartphones and mobile communications, companies are being forced to adapt to the reality that mobile has the potential to become the primary marketing channel. Similarly, the traditional purviews of the contact center - sales and service – are increasingly finding it challenging to be the human connection in the path from customer acquisition to retention, without the necessary data context from marketing to inform that role. As a result of these simultaneous trends, the industry is already seeing the seeds of sales, service and marketing coming together to better address a new, digitally focused definition of a customer journey. In this session, leading contact center analyst Sheila McGee-Smith will share best practices and future directions for the emerging fusion of sales, service and marketing.