Meaningful Agent Training for Meaningful Customer Experiences


Only 2% of contact center onboarding focuses on high-impact skills like problem solving. The rest of agent training time is spent teaching tools and processes, which means many agents are better prepared to handle clunky systems than complex customer issues. This webinar shows how intuitive systems can help maximize training time – so you can develop agent skills that lead to better resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

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ICMI Agent Experience Maturity Model & Toolkit

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Increase Agent Productivity with MAX – My Agent eXperience

Take a detailed look at the tools and functionality in Max - My Agent eXperience that in increase agent productivity while enabling your agents to provide a superior customer experience.  

Customer Stories

Call Center Solutions Help Global lndustrial Boost Customer Satisfaction

Despite selling thousands of industrial equipment and supplies to businesses throughout North America, Global Industrial found it wasn’t necessarily delivering when it came to customer service and satisfaction, thanks to an outdated on-premise contact center system. But moving to NICE and its CXone cloud customer experience platform changed all that. Now armed with key insights and metrics from CXone analytics and reporting, Global Industrial has raised the bar on its customer experience. With efficiency up and key call measures down, customers are responding with increased satisfaction.