inContact Speech Analytics Build-Out

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Uncovering critical key words and phrases used in your customer interactions lets your organization improve the customer experience and optimize performance.

We will work with you to identify key terms unique to the needs of your organization. Then we craft customized tags from the selected terms and make sure they are well suited for your environment by conducting three follow-up meetings. Two of the follow-up meetings focus on fine-tuning the tags and the last meeting will be a 60-day health check of overall speech analytics performance.


Your organization will be able to make better decisions and future planning based on insights from speech analytics. You will be able to analyze keyword and phrase trends. Easily search for and evaluate key performance indicators for each of these speech analytics usages:

  • Compliance—Ensure critical compliance tasks are performed and identify areas for improvement.
  • Categorization—Quickly and efficiently identify and segment calls by subject matter, such as satisfaction level or type of request.
  • Discovery— Uncover patterns or ways to improve satisfaction in your customer calls.