Getting digital CX right: How knowing your customer helps make your CX memorable


Customer experience is a top competitive differentiator. Because if a company’s CX falls short, more than 50% of consumers show little – or no – hesitation taking their business elsewhere. Plus, it’s challenging to manage the growing number of digital channels that affect customer service.

Get tips and find out how to get digital CX right:

  • Expand the customer journey to include the 80% of activities prior to a consumer’s first contact center interaction.
  • Provide a seamless experience across channels.
  • Personalize every touchpoint via customer data and history.
White Papers

Cultivating a future-proof customer journey strategy

Customer journeys begin with web search, and long before they initiate contact with an agent, they’re self-serving their needs and crawling the web and your digital—and physical—channels. If they do reach out for support, it’s on any channel, at any point of their journey. And, they’re measuring their experience with your company against the best they’ve had—thanks, Amazon!


Smarter Self Service Helps Customers Help Themselves

In our latest infographic, we’re sharing how you can harness AI-powered self-service strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience, reduce costs and avoid agent burnout. Self-service is a win for the business, agents, and customers—but you have to have the right game plan in place to perfectly balance technology and strategy.


3 critical customer service changes in 2021-2022

Digital transformation accelerated by at least 5 years during the pandemic – 44% of companies have a CX transformation initiative completed or underway, and another 32% plan to start one in 2022.