Creating a customer-first organization: Technology and people


What does creating a customer-first organization really mean? It means viewing all aspects of the sales journey – first from your customers’ perspective and then from your company’s.

Watch this 10-minute video to learn how to put customers at the center of every decision your organization makes. From technologies that help you better understand and act on customer preferences – to new CX strategies that help inform and measure your contact center’s success.

What you can expect

  • Discover how to better understand and act on customer preferences.
  • Explore how to use CX to inform and measure your organization’s success.
White Papers

Mini Guide: Journey Mapping the Digital Experience and Journey Mapping Template

Discover the importance of understanding the customer’s entire digital journey with your brand in this insightful mini guide with CEO of Experience Investigators Jeannie Walters, in partnership with our experts at NICE CXone.

White Papers

State of contact centre transformation in the new digital world (ContactBabel)

White Papers

The ROI of operationalising data to boost customer success results from Aberdeen Strategy & Research

Wondering how to use data to improve your CX? Check out Aberdeen’s latest research on best practices and innovations that will help you use real-time data to empower agents and drive more revenue.