Contact center strategies for hire and work-from-anywhere


When the pandemic first hit and shelter-in-place orders were issued, most contact centers reacted with changes they assumed would last a few months. Fast forward and many leaders plan to continue with their work-from-anywhere strategies even after things “return to normal.” Discover the improved CX, reduced agent turnover and increased savings they’re experienced during this webinar with industry experts Robin Gareiss and Laura Bassett.


Leaders uncover how to handle contact center demand swings

Hear firsthand accounts from leaders at Vera Bradley and Michigan 2-1-1 as they share how building in agility transformed their contact centers. From service delivery to the technology that supports it, things have never been the same at their companies – and their stories of success explain why. This panel discussion provides a unique opportunity to listen as your peers share insights into this critical issue.

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Be ready for anything: 3 tips to build agility into your agency’s contact center

What if your public sector contact center could reimagine strategies for hiring and working from anywhere? Or leverage its cloud platform to speed channel adoption? Or handle sudden swings in citizen interaction with a broad service mix across agents, bot and channels? Get agility tips for how to accomplish these objectives and prepare your agency for whatever lies ahead.