Agent coaching and engagement for remote service excellence


While everybody settles into work-from-home routines, you may be working on restoring productivity and performance, boosting morale—and just keeping your workforce engaged. But can you do all this remotely? Absolutely. With new approaches to old practices, the right technology, some ingenuity and a lot of communication, you can coach and engage your agents in ways that will help them continue to grow and deliver the same exceptional CX they always have.

White Papers

The Work-at-home agent

This paper discusses benefits and options for adopting a home-based agent model. Many factors contribute to the desire for businesses to invest in a work-at-home program including higher agent productivity, reduced attrition, broader talent pool, lower operational costs and response preparedness.

Customer Stories

Trupanion moves 900 employees home in less than 72 hours with Cxone

Ryan Olson of Trupanion shares how their organization moved nearly 900 employees home in less than 72 hours while ensuring that their member experience remained a priority. 

White Papers

Checklist: Managing Work-from-Home Agents

As your organisation navigates potential emergency situations that force agents to work remotely, NICE has your contact centre technology needs covered. But having the software capabilities to route customer interactions to agents at home is only half of the preparation equation. Your contact centre must also have a business continuity plan for other resources to make remote work a functional reality. NICE has prepared the following Remote Agent Checklist to help you prepare your agents for a productive work from home experience.