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NICE Technology Helps 211 LA County Meets Critical Needs


As the lifeline for LA County’s most vulnerable, at-risk populations and disaster central for all of LA County’s 10 million residents, 211 LA County has 60 highly trained representatives answering half a million calls a year, 24/7. NICE technology and especially its workforce management solutions are central to 211 LA County’s ability to serve the millions who rely on this connection for critical services.

Customer Stories

CXone Empowers 2-1-1-Impact (PDF)

When a flood hit, this emergency response organization quickly scaled operations while reducing queue times.

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Contact Center Agent Productivity Enhancement (Video)

NICE enhances agent productivity at 2-1-1 Hudson Valley.

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Call Center Software Solutions for 2-1-1 Crisis Management (Video)

When a crisis hits nationwide 2-1-1 contact centers need to be available 24/7 to provide guidance and support to people in need. NICE call center solution gives 2-1-1 centers the ability to adapt to the increase in call volume, the flexibility to answer calls anywhere at any time, and deliver real time metrics to manage the call center and agents for better response times that will increase the customer experience during a disaster.