2017 ICMI Trend Report: The Buzz Behind Omnichannel

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Organizations want to deliver great customer service experiences but are often cut short in their aspirations because of budget constraints, technology limitations, or a variety of other factors. When it comes down to it, what an organization wants to do and what an organization can do are often very different things. As a result, it’s not uncommon for contact center leaders to take a skeptical approach to the latest buzz within the industry.

What’s one of the most pervasive buzz words in customer service today? Omnichannel. What does it really mean for an organization? More importantly, perhaps, is how can an organization articulate and realize the reported benefits of delivering omnichannel service? ICMI and inContact have partnered on this ICMI Trend Report to provide insight and perspective on the potential benefits and strategic advantages of omnichannel service to contact center leaders.

In this trend report, we’ll explore:

1. The symbiotic relationship between agents and customers in delivering true omnichannel experiences and measurable indications of how decisions on one directly affects the other.

2. How to effectively leverage metrics like customer satisfaction, customer effort, and Net Promoter Score® to deliver on the modern-day definition of customer success and measure the true value of omnichannel experience.

3. The role of technology in enabling (and disabling) effective service experiences.

4. Lessons learned and the things to avoid from one organizations journey to delivering omnichannel service.

5. Why agent empowerment matters and what it really means to ensure that the frontline can effectively serve the customer