10 ways AI can improve the contact center experience


Discover what AI technologies are doing for contact centers – and what they can do for yours. Think higher first call resolution rates; lower agent turnover; greater customer satisfaction; improved cost control; reduced training cycles; and advanced data analysis. Plus, find out what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to AI and contact centers.


Successful chatbots: Customers and experts share the secret sauce

It takes a lot of variables to make chatbots successful – their success depends on the satisfaction of customers, agents and the contact centers that implement them. Our contact center leaders and chatbot experts share the “secret sauce” and reveal insights into the latest chatbot data and research; tips and best practices; and best use cases. Learn how to successfully join the 40% of contact centers planning to invest in customer-facing AI this year.

White Papers

Chatbot Starter’s Guide: A comprehensive guide to chatbots

Is your contact center struggling to determine which chatbot solution is right for you? This eBook can help you cut through all the chatbot chatter. Get the comprehensive guide to learn which type of chatbot your contact center needs, common chatbot misconceptions and mistakes, and how your chatbot fits within the customer journey. Chatbots can offer nonstop, 24-7 service, but customers demand seamless transitions between self-service and agent-assisted help for full resolution. Download your copy today reveal all the insights you need to achieve chatbot success at your contact center


AI in the contact center: Everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)

If you’ve wanted answers to questions about AI, this is the webinar for you. Whether you want to know why your contact center needs AI; what kind of AI technologies you should consider; or what the key benefits of AI are – you’ll learn all this and more from our industry experts. Plus, there’s the “Ask Me Anything” section, where contact center leaders pick their brains about any other AI issues on their minds.