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customer experience matters

Customer experience matters!

In today's experience economy, businesses can't leave CX to chance. Companies need to align every aspect of the business on the customer experience. For contact centers, this includes getting agents on board by explaining why customer experience matters and providing the technology agents need to be successful. But you can do even more to meet your CX goals by focusing on every aspect of the agent employment life cycle, beginning with the hiring process. To learn more, download our complimentary white paper, The Ultimate CX Agent Guide: Hiring, training, onboarding, and measuring agents in a digital-first world.
customer satisfaction is the key to success and the contact center plays a vital role

Customer satisfaction is the key to success and the contact center plays a vital role

In 2021, customer satisfaction is the competitive battlefront. Businesses today face unprecedented amounts of competition as they try to differentiate themselves on the customer service experience. This is true even of niche businesses. Everyone is competing for customers, and you need to have more than just great products if you hope to survive and thrive in today’s world. One of the top three goals at the forefront of any business should be customer satisfaction (CSAT). In the contact center, CSAT is the number one metric to watch as part of a complete performance measurement program.
behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: Customer marketing helps our customers shine within their contact center

A contact center is no longer a place to just handle calls. Today, there is click-to-chat, email, text, callbacks, and all the digital channels customers use. The importance of customer experience and loyalty has become more important than ever, and technology is improving and changing rapidly. Our goal at NICE CXone is to help our customers build lasting relationships with their customers because we understand the value and importance of satisfying customers.