CXone Brings ClearChoice Contact Center into the 21st Century

ClearChoice has built its brand around providing a convenient, first-rate, patient-centric experience—an approach that has paid off. In little more than a decade, the company has opened 39 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers across the U.S., employs more than 70 specialists and has helped over 40,000 patients.

The decision to partner with NICE CXone and take full advantage of our CXone Workforce Management solutions has been a key determinant in ClearChoice’s ability to accommodate continuing growth, operate more efficiently and enhance patient experiences. In fact, Contact Center Manager Sonja Villalobos says, the move to NICE CXone is “…by far, the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Although ClearChoice is an industry leader in providing 21st century dental technology and expertise, its contact center technology just wasn’t keeping up. The company’s old, premise-based contact center system couldn’t scale with its growth,  lacked flexibility and devoured expensive resources. Much-needed upgrades were cost-prohibitive, and it was an ongoing challenge to maintain servers and manage storage.

Above all, the premise-based system was hindering ClearChoice from providing the level of service patients expected. With 62 inbound and outbound agents, ClearChoice relies heavily on its contact center staff not only to schedule and confirm appointments, but also to provide the time and expertise to answer patients’ questions—and help alleviate their concerns.

By moving to NICE CXone and the cloud-based CXone platform, ClearChoice found the powerful solutions it needed—and more. Selected for its robust capabilities, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, elasticity and positive impact on the customer experience, CXone comprises various services in workforce management and optimization, quality management and metrics.  As a result, ClearChoice is realizing results in many different areas, from an increase in call volume to improved agent performance to a reduction in third-party outsourcing.  Patients, agents, the company and the bottom line are all benefiting.

The ClearChoice journey with NICE CXone continues. Read more about CXone solutions and ClearChoice’s impressive results.